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Portugal tours

Our private Portugal tours to Serra da Estrela from Lisbon continue through the rye fields and swamps, where the sheep are put out to graze. Nears the cascades (of Fervença and Covão da Ursa), we reach the highest village in Portugal (1080 metres):

Sabugueiro. Located in the heart of Serra da Estrela, there is the largest glacial valley in Europe, Vale do Rossim. It is part of the Bioenergetic Reserve of the National Park of Serra da Estrela, its beauty and its scientific environmental value are undeniable.

It is a place of extreme beauty formed by a big lagoon which was in the past one of the best pastures for the transhumance flocks. Today leisure activities can be practiced here: abseiling, walking tours and canoeing, among others.

Discover the center of Portugal by our tours

We continue the private tour to serra da Estrela towards Manteigas and start our visit with a guided tour to Burel Factory, a millstone in the history of the Town of Manteigas and of the Portuguese wool production. After lunch we go up to Covão da Metade and to Nave de Santo António.

Discover one of the most well preserved village in Serra da Estrela by our Portugal tours. Integrated into the recovery programme of the Historical Villages of Portugal and classified as “public interest heritage”, Piódão is located in Serra do Açor, involved in a unique landscape.https://real-embrace-portugal.pt/en/discover-portugal

The inhabitants are mainly farmers and shepherds, but, in recent years, tourism has been responsible for giving a new life to this village, mitigating against the effective desertification.

An amphitheatre layout, houses with walls made of schist, windows painted in a blue used in the Maghreb and roofs in black slate turn the village of Piódão into a true treasure.

Portugal Guided Tours

Our Portugal guided tours to Serra da Estrela are also aboout local houses, the village’s trade mark, composed of two floors. The first floor used as residence and the ground floor used to store implements. Both are protected by a wooden cross decorated with laurel and olive leaves, which invokes the protection of Santa Bárbara and keeps “what you can see and what you can’t”.

Mountain villages

The village of Cabeça is known for the homemade soups prepared by the population. We invite you to try the chestnut soup with pork loin or the vegetable soup prepared the old fashion way. Here the landscape is characterised by terraces and their complex irrigation network form part of the village historical heritage.

From the buildings in the village stands out the Church, in honour of Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Painted in white it contarats from other churches in Beira, being instead similar to the churches in the soud of the country.

Our Portugal tours visits the community barn floor (where the cereals are dried and threshed) and the fountain of Algares (small spring, with an ogival arch built in schist) are places to visit.

With approximately 200 inhabitants, the activity of farming is based on traditional methods. When Christmas comes, this village becomes a true Christmas crib. The rural houses made of schist are the village’s trade mark.

Loriga is one of the most beautiful lands in the mountain thanks to its extraordinary landscape and geographical location.  Time to discover the only river beach located in a glacial valley in Serra da Estrela.

We head to Alvoco da Serra, located between Loriga and Unhais da Serra. The natural resources and the strength of men turned this village, until mid-eighteenth century, into an important wool production centre. It has a rich artistic heritage, especially as to sacred art (Main Church and São Pedro Chapel).)

Here we can see the immense glacial valley extending as far as Manteigas. We continue going up and now to the highest point in the mountain, Torre!

The itinerary may be adapted according to the interests expressed by the participants

About this tour:


Our tours are always private (just you and our guide/driver).


The tour highlights are just suggestions of places to visit. The tour itinerary will be designed according to your preferences and the tour length.

Tour Length

Each day tour is designed to last approximately 8 hours (hotel-tour-hotel).

Accommodation not included

Please contact us for advice about our accommodation options. We have a list of hotels based in local 3*, 4* and 5* Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique hotels throughout Portugal. We will provide you with suggestions so you can choose what best suits your budget.


Day 1 - Overnight in Sabugueiro

Time : 8:30 am

Lisbon to Sabugueiro

We go from Lisbon to Sabugueiro with a stop on the way to lunch in the city of Coimbra and to visit one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Day 2 - Overnight in Sabugueiro

Time : 9:00 am

Alvoco da Serra, Cabeça, Loriga, Piodao

Day 3 - Overnight in Manteigas

Time : 9:00 am

Vale do Rossim, Manteigas, Torre

Day 4 - Overnight in Lisbon

Time : 9:00 am

Manteigas, Lisbon

Day 5 - Transfer to Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport

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  • Bottled water
  • Personalized transport in a luxury Mercedes vehicle, in safe & comfortable conditions
  • Exclusive and specialized Guide/Driver
  • Wifi on board
  • Public liability and personal accidents insurance
  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunches or dinners
  • Hotels

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