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Historic Villages of Portugal

Historic Villages Portugal tour have so much to be told. We selected six most beautiful ones: Belmonte, Sortelha, Monsanto, Idanha-a-Velha, Caria and Castelo Novo.

Our Historic villages Portugal tour starts with Sortelha, Vila de Touro castles, formed in 13th century, creating a defensive line at Alto Côa. We went up at Torre de Menagem and enjoyed a beautiful view over Cova da Beira Valley and Serra da Estrela. Our Historical villages tour continues now at Church of São Tiago Panteão dos Cabrais, a group classified as a national monument. We also highlight in this historical tour a tomb ark that symbolically holds Pedro Álvares Cabral’s ashes. A beautiful historical Manueline window, a redwood cross replica, which Pedro Álvares Cabral would have incorporated in Land of Vera Cruz.

“(…) everything here is greatness, but for Sortelha village of sortilégio, you will not find easy comparison”.

“Castelo Novo is one of traveller’s most touching memories. Maybe one day l’ll come back, maybe never, maybe even avoid coming back, just because there are experiences that don’t repeat themselves”.

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We continue our tour Historic Villages Portugal at Lucano Tower from where we see a (silver cock replica) that reminds those visiting Monsanto that this village, years ago, won the “most Portuguese village” award. Other historical villages will exist through Portugal, equally beautiful, unique, but historical Monsanto with granite hills enchants. Monte Sancto, was donated to Gualdim Pais, Templar Order master. Monsanto the most portuguese historic village of Portugal was a Lusitanian castro famous for its resistance against Romans who besieged them for 7 years. Today, by timbres pace, day is celebrated (May 3), when population threw a calf at the Romans as if to say that they were well and healthy still  ready for another 7 years… Well, it won’t be one calf, but a pitcher decorated with roses.

Historical villages rise, with haughtiness granite hills, they keep memories about bloody battles, but also from festivities as well royal weddings. Crystallized in time, these villages count on walls to protect them, search on the horizon line threats from east, because there are those who say from that side neither good wind nor good marriage.

On our private tour meet people, go and discover Portugal villages, immerse yourself into historical local culture. Learn about different lifestyles by discovering whats most authentic in Portugal. Come with us enjoy Portugal scenic area, Beira region. To finish our tour throughout Portugal have a wine tasting, a bite of local cheese or maybe have some local olive oil…

This tour can be customized according to your needs.

About this tour:


Our tours are always private (just you and our guide/driver).


The tour highlights are just suggestions of places to visit. The tour itinerary will be designed according to your preferences and the tour length.

Tour Length

Each day tour is designed to last approximately 8 hours (hotel-tour-hotel).

Accommodation not included

Please contact us for advice about our accommodation options. We have a list of hotels based in local 3*, 4* and 5* Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique hotels throughout Portugal. We will provide you with suggestions so you can choose what best suits your budget.


Day 1 - Overnight in Belmonte

Time : 8:30 am

Lisbon, Belmonte

Arriving to Belmonte with an introduction of it's history,

Day 2 - Overnight in Belmonte

Time : 9:00 am

Belmonte, Caria, Sortelha

Visit to the Vila of Belmonte to include the historical center, Castle. Museum of the Discoveries, Olive Oil museum. Walking tour through the historical center.Time now to visit one of the most beautiful Historical Villages in Portugal, Sortelha. Includes a walking tour inside the Medieval Village.Visit to Caria and it's Casa da Torre with different thematic historical exibitions. Includes to a visit to the Casa da Roda.

Day 3 -Overnight in Monfortinho

Time : 9:00 am

Castelo Novo, Monsanto

Visit to Castelo Novo to include the Templar Castle and a walking tour through the historical center. Visit to the Art Gallery Manuela Justino. Arriving to Monsanto.

Day 4 - Overnight in Lisbon

Monsanto, Idanha-a-Velha, Lisboa

This is a very ancient site, with a history of human presence since the Paleolithic. Conquered from the Moors by D. Afonso Henriques in 1165 and granted to the Order of the Knights Templar. Visit to the historical village of Monsanto to include a walking tour and a private performance of the ladies playing the Adufe, a peculiar musical instrument with Arab origins.On the way to Lisbon we visit Idanha-a-Velha Despite its small size, Idanha-a-Velha is a charming village and one of the oldest of the Historical Villages of Portugal. Its history dates back to the 1st century BC, when it was known as "Egitânia". It passed through Roman and Muslim hands until it was reconquered in the 13th century by Christians.

Day 5 - Transfer to Lisbon airport

Lisbon Airport

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