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Maybe you’ve heard of our “Lisboa menina e moça”. Of the Green mountains to the north and the incredible beaches to the south. The vineyards in the Douro and the shale villages. The blazing Alentejo with the whitewashed houses in the Summer and  the flower beds spilling with flowers in the Spring. Of so much that it can’t all fit here. 

What about the food? You’ve heard, haven’t you? Get ready because nowhere else in the world will you find the taste of tradition and the pride of being at the table. That’s where rare secrets are unveiled and the rush of time can’t reach. Portugal is unique and precious and in very few other locations will you feel the sharing and the genuine welcoming of the people of each region, of each street, of each place. The door will always be open for you to come inside and enjoy the century old traditions and the pages of history. 

Meet the castles, the museums, the historical manors, but lock your eyes in the orange and pink sunset. Visit that Portugal that can be anything, the storytelling country. It can be the smile of the sheperd in Serra da Estrela, when he thanks you for letting his sheep pass in that edge of the mountain road, it can be the heartfelt embrace of the fishwives in Bolhão Market in Porto, it can be the memory of a magical evening in a famous Lisbon fado house. 

Or that scent of oranges when you arrive in Algarve. Or it can be going up and down the streetcar 28 and gazing at the city from the Castle window. Visiting Portugal can be the beginning of a beautiful love story, where you will return over and over again. 

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Our tours are designed specifically to suite your group’s interests, budget and requirements; Experience Portugal through the eyes of a local private guide. See Portugal and Lisbon sights most turists miss…