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Welcome to Portugal, a Country Steeped in History.

Private Tours Portugal and Jewish Tours, allow you to discover the most 
authentic of what Portugal has to offer. We share magical moments and make known not one country but several, where traditions reminds us of the presence of different civilizations. 

Occupied since Pre-History, this corner of Europe, where the land ends and the sea begins, has always exerted a great fascination to the peoples who sought its wealth: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims, all contributed to the identity of a country that almost nine centuries ago assumed the name of Portugal.

The historical paths take you to the old villages, identify the testimonies of religions silenced by persecution and forced conversion, tells you the “stories” of betrayals and prohibited loves, of miracles and devotions, of loyalty and courage.

Speak and learn about local 
communities, and meet the artisans, the artists, and the masters of old crafts. 
Experience different lifestyles, traditions, stories and celebrate with us, the 
true essence of being portuguese. We want you to be inspired by the 
breathtaking views and take the chance to taste some of the 
most traditional local products. We firmly believe, that History is also 
in the cheese, bread, wine, lamb, sausages and olive oils. 

Add to this 
a plethora of popular architecture, palaces, maner houses, rich history, 
spectacular scenery and idyllic rivers. We need you to walk in the footsteps of 
local culture and be part of it. It’s absolutly imperative that you explore, 
discover Portugal by it’s genuine people, and be able to take home a deeper 
understanding of Portugal’s past, present life. 

Our aim is 
to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience by travelling with us through 

Together, we can explore historical villages, thermal springs, craggy 
mountainous scenery, the world’s largest waves, castles, canals, cherries 
and wine. We defy you to explore, discover, learn and contemplate.

Visit Our
Tours page for ideas. You choose the level of accommodation that suits you 
best, the amount of time that you plan to spend here, and tell us, a 
little bit about yourself, and we will put together a customized private 
tour for you. Meet the roots of a nation, join us in an unforgettable journey.

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Discover Portugal and experience different lifestyles and traditions and meet the locals and immerse yourself in the local culture.

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Customize Your Experience

We create the authentic Portuguese experience for you based on your preferences; be it scenery, history, food & drink, heritage and so forth.

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