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I began my journey to establish Real Embrace Portugal in 2012 when i realized that i wanted to give people a day-by-day experience of Portugal from Portuguese history and culture to Jewish Heritage and it's impact on Portugal. The Portuguese culture is an exciting one and learning about the past and old traditions through my tours, you can see how past traditions are still present in our modern daily life. This is a testament to the longevity and relevance of our culture today.

The Jewish Heritage in Portugal became an area of focus for me because, while researching my family history, and origin of my name, i discovered my ancestral history that included coming from a "converso" or "marrano" family. Since then, i have discovered not only my own heritage, but that of the jewish experience and life in Portugal. There are secret synagogues, secret use of the Kabbalah engraved on door frames and windows to name a few.
Most significant of all is the current local jewish cultures and jews that have survived the centuries throughout Portugal. My pride in my own jewish heritage and that of the strong faith the jews of Portugal have sustained led me to the desire to share this and i created Real Embrace Portugal to fulfill this dream.

I want to go beyond the highlights and give you an immersive experience which includes many activities which you can choose or create with me. They can include city highlights, culture immersion, Jewish Heritage and history, Portuguese local wine and culinary experiences, meeting and spending time with local communities and a myriad of additional experiences.
I would love to create your personalized experience in Portugal!
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Our Team

  • Paulo Moreira

    Paulo, director of the company, dedicates his time and life to manage and organize customized tours. My passion is to introduce you to our culture, history and old traditions, by exploring different lifestyles. Discover the Jewish Lisbon and Portugal through an inspiring and eye-opening way.
  • Francisco Pinto

    Always there to support our clients 24/7, Francisco is our professional private driver very passionate about his work. His life passion for Portugal´s history, culture and gastronomy, makes him an enthusiast showing you the most traditional sites of our country.